Umbrella Programme for Socio-Economic Development

This project has been designed to provide substantive and technical assistance to the Government in mainstreaming social and economic development in the national policies at all sectors. The ultimate objective of this intervention is to create a strong foundation for efficient, evidence-based decision-making relevant to socio-economic development in line with the Saudi Vision 2030. The conceptual framework on which this intervention is conceived is that the Government will embrace a role to deal with socio-economic development in a much holistic manner away from the conventional development paradigm of disconnected policies for sectors.

The project is based on the Saudi Vision 2030, with emphasis on the pillar of thriving economy in which the Government expresses eagerness to promote and reinvigorate social development in order to build a strong and productive society. In this context, this advisory services project advances five specific outputs as follows:

I. Supporting the social and economic development;

2. Sustainable development concept integrated into national policy;

3. National policies formulated for robust sector-based economic;

4. National policies for regional development;

5. Capacity developed for strong computer systems

In addition, Supporting Project Management is emphasized to ensure delivery of the five outputs in a timely manner. This is conceived to involve coordination across all deputyships of the Ministry of Economy and Plannin,g with the obiective of capturing svnergies.

Project Document "Umbrella Programme for Socio-Economic Development"



Project start date:

November 2012

Estimated end date:

December 2019

Focus area:

  • accelerate structural transformations
  • Project office:

    UNDP in Saudi Arabia

    Implementing partner:

    National Execution

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    Funding Support by

    Donor name

  • Government Of Saudi Arabia
  • Amount contributed


    Delivery in previous fiscal year

    2019 $480,325

    2018 $4,238,713

    2017 $2,981,708

    2016 $1,826,255

    2015 $590,686

    2014 $1,180,249

    2013 $98,804

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