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For every dollar pledged to tackle climate crisis for world’s poor, four dollars are spent on fossil fuel subsidies that keep the climate crisis alive according to new UNDP research

The world spends an astounding US$423 billion annually to subsidize fossil fuels for consumers – oil, electricity that is generated by the burning of other fossil fuels, gas, and coal. This is four…  

Temporary Basic Income to protect the world's poorest people could slow the surge in COVID-19 cases, says UNDP

New York – The immediate introduction of a Temporary Basic Income for the world’s poorest people could slow the current surge in COVID-19 cases by enabling nearly three billion people to stay at home,…  

UNDP remains the most transparent UN agency, according to new index

New York – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) remains the most transparent UN agency and ranks as the third most transparent development organization in the world, according to a leading…  

UNDP: Governments must lead fight against coronavirus misinformation & disinformation

Governments must step up to lead the fight against a growing tide of false, inflammatory and misleading information that threatens to worsen the already severe impacts of the virus, according to the…  

COVID-19: Human development on course to decline this year for the first time since 1990

Concerted action with a focus on equity could still limit the impacts of this unprecedented crisis: c  

Thought Leadership in Turbulent Times

policymakers should encourage investments that complement the UN's health and humanitarian response, in areas of resilience and meeting the #SDG pledge of not leaving a single individual behind.  

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