Partnership in Development and South-South Cooperation – Official Development Assistance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Published on 15 May 2016


Since the early 1950s, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has been active in providing Official Development Assistance (ODA). KSA has been giving aid globally based on identified needs—from assistance to supporting people in fragile states and humanitarian crises, and providing soft loans and grants for low-income developing countries to build crucial infrastructure. In recent years, KSA’s assistance has increased significantly. In 2014, KSA gross ODA amounted to US $14.5 billion (SAR 54 billion), which represented 1.9% of the Kingdom’s GNI.


This report highlights the volume and nature of official development assistance and the South-South Cooperation of Saudi Arabia. It updates the figures on Saudi assistance (till 2014), and provides a breakdown of data concerning grants and humanitarian assistance, contributions to organizations and charity bodies, and multilateral cooperation and loans by the Ministry of Finance. It is hoped that this report will not only bring attention to Saudi assistance but also provide consistent national data on aid giving.



  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranked first in 2014 reaching 1.9% GNI
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranked 4th in 2014 in gross ODA
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranked 7th in Humanitarian assistance
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranked 10th in ODA during 2005-2014

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