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Environment and Energy

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has enjoyed, over the past few decades, a sustained period of rapid economic growth, which has resulted in high income per capita, a strongly positive balance of trade and controlled public debt. This process, fueled by oil revenues, has been accompanied by high rates of population growth and increasing pressure on the country’s natural resources.

Our Goals

One of the major targets of the basic environmental strategy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of wildlife in order to maintain ecological equilibrium, particularly with respect to rare, vulnerable and endangered animal and plant species. This key aspect of the national environmental policy has been further reinforced through the signing by Saudi Arabia of the international Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

UNDP assists the government on the management, usage and preservation of natural and cultural resources. In addition, the office worked addressing challenges of environmental sustainability and issues such as water resource management, environmental impact assessment and enhancing energy efficiency measures as well as promotion of low-emissions technology. This focus area is relevant to SDG 1, 4, 8, 10, and 16. To check the Goals, click here.

Projects and Initiatives

National Energy Efficiency Programme: Phase 2
Capacity Development and Related Services for an Integrated Sustainable Development and Management of the Water Sector
Support SFDA Second strategic plan implementation - SFDA 2
Sustainable Road and Transport Management


carbon dioxide emissions, per capita (Tonnes)

Human-originated carbon dioxide emissions stemming from the burning of fossil fuels, gas flaring and the production of cement.

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