King Salman Youth Center join hands with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to develop three global youth indicators

Jul 27, 2016

Ashok Nigam, UNDP Resident Represetnative and Hani Al-Mogbil, the executive director of King Salman Youth Center after signing the project document


The King Salman Youth Center (KSYC) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) have concluded an agreement to implement the “Youth National Indicators Project”. The Project aims at developing three globally certified youth indicators, as well as preparing a study about youth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, based on the data of these indicators.

The KSYC will manage the project, whereas UNDP will work towards guaranteeing the quality of the project outputs and their adaptability to certified global standards. The project is to be implemented by a specialized company and will last for a year.

The importance of the agreement stems from the fact that it will be a platform to serve many sectors in the Kingdom, since it closely keeps up with Saudi Vision 2030. Moreover, the agreement would provide information related to Saudi youth, particularly as the Kingdom’s 2030 vision placed youth at the heart of the change process, thus converting this demographic challenge into a growth opportunity for a well-established and empowered generation that is capable of leading the development process in Saudi Arabia.

The value of the project is enhanced through the careful and professional preparation aiming at reaping outputs that are as efficient and important as the basic idea and objective of the project itself. The few experiments undertaken by some countries have asserted the success and efficiency of the project in providing a strong knowledge base about youth. This is particularly true taking into consideration the fact that the UNDP work related to youth provides guidance towards a number of international frameworks and instruments, including the World Programme of Action for Youth (WPAY), the United Nations System-wide Action Plan on Youth (UN Youth SWAP), and the UNDP Youth Strategy.

For KSYC, the project came after a series of workshops, initiatives and accumulative expertise gained by the Center through direct work with the youth sector in the Kingdom, taking into consideration all of its views, ambitions, aspirations and problems as well. Hence, the Center will act as a bridge between youth and the aspects of comprehensive development work.

“The National Youth Indicators Project constitutes a part of the KSYC’s strategy to keep up with Saudi Vision 2030 which mainly depends on youth to help build a vibrant society, thriving economy and an ambitious nation, particularly as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoys a special advantage that about half of its citizens are youth” said Hani Al-Mogbil, executive director of the King Salman Youth Center. 

He added that the project is part of the Center's strategy that focuses on establishing and deep rooting the culture of excellence and entrenching the spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship among young people. The agreement was the result of the Center’s participation in the process of shifting the Kingdom toward a knowledge-based economy, and the indicators shall thus be important instruments for decision makers, and shall play a pivotal role in informing youth policies, opinion leaders and the youth trend in Saudi Arabia in general.

Ashok Nigam, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, said that this agreement was the culmination of constructive talks and discussions between the UNDP and KSYC, since the UNDP always encourages initiatives that provide opportunities and empowers the youth, which is the role assumed by the Center in the Kingdom.

Furthermore, Nigam expressed his content about this agreement, indicating that the UN program expertise shall assist all those benefiting from this pioneering project.

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