First Social Good Summit Meetup in Saudi Arabia; Young people, Big ideas

Sep 22, 2014

Second session of the Social Good Summit Meetup speakers talking about social media and the reasons behind the high viewership in Saudi Arabia (Photo By: Mohammed Al-Deghaishim)

UNDP Riyadh 

The fifth annual Social Good Summit, a unique convening of world leaders, new media and technology experts, grassroots activists, and voices from around the world took place on September 21 and 22 at 92nd Street Y in New York City coinciding with United Nations Week.

Last year, the Social Good Summit was translated in seven different languages and people in more than 60 countries joined in by organizing in-person or online meetings in their own communities and connecting back to the Summit in New York City through video and social media. With the reach of the United Nations Development Programme’s country offices, citizens from countries as far-flung as Albania, El Salvador, South Sudan Lebanon, Zimbabwe and more joined the Social Good Summit to share their innovative ideas for the future of our world.  

This year, for the first time, Saudi Arabia joined the world and hosted a Social Good Summit Meetup at UN-House in Riyadh on Monday 22nd of September. The Meetup brought together leading experts, advocates and innovators who discussed how social media and technology can help address some of the challenges. The meetup sessions were recorded and uploaded with the rest of world.

The Social Good Summit Meetup highlighted issues related to youth development and how can new media contribute to the overall national and global development of the Kingdom especially that Saudi Arabia has more than three million active Twitter users. With a 300 percent year-on-year growth rate, it doesn’t only lead the Middle East but ranks number one in the world as the fastest-growing Twitter nation.

The theme of this year’s Summit –  Connecting for Good, Connecting for All – challenged speakers, participants, and a growing worldwide community to explore how technology and new media can be leveraged to benefit people everywhere, to create a better world by the year 2030.

NGOs, civil society, entrepreneurs, UN officials and many more engaged worldwide in a conversation about global problems using social media to raise awareness and drive action. The outcomes will be fed back to the Post-2015 consultations and agenda.

UNDP Saudi Arabia sought the opportunity this year to be part of the global conversation and to engage NGOs, volunteers, civil society and entrepreneurs in the discussion for a better future.

Princess Al Anood Center for Youth Development (Warif) a national NGO, UNDP Saudi Arabia’s partners, took part in the Social Good Summit by discussing how new media contributed to the success of their youth development projects.

The Social Good Summit Meetup was held on the 22nd of September with more than 50 participants from different NGOs, universities and government institutions. The Meetup included two sessions with seven speakers who addressed various issues related to youth and development. The seven speakers are;


Dana Al Draye



Mohammed Al Hasan

Using new media as a tool for Social Development

Dr. Ahmed Al Eisa

Social Media and Education: Added Value or Wasted Time?

Amani Al Ajlan

Raising Awareness among children and youth through different technology outlets

Sultan Al Fakeer

How to contribute as individuals into building our future and how can we inspire others by the power of sharing

Mohammed Bazaid

The importance of social media networks in Saudi Arabia and the rapid growth compared to other countries and the challenges Social Media influencers are facing

Safana Sejini

How to build a trusted persona on the Internet

Fahad Albutairi

From Stage to film set through Social media

Amal Al Mutairi


Abdulrahamn Al Abid

15 seconds on Instagram to share and inspire people

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Photos by: Mohammed Al-Deghaishim