Human Development

According to the UNDP, human development may be defined as “a process of enlarging people’s choices.” At all levels of development, the three essential choices for people are, to live a long and healthy life, to acquire better knowledge and to have access to resources needed for a decent standard of living. If these essential choices are not available, many other opportunities to improve the quality of life will remain inaccessible.

UNDP Saudi Arabia work in Human development has two dimensions: acquiring human capabilities and the use people made of these acquired capabilities for productive, leisure and other purposes. The benefits of human development go far beyond the expansion of income and wealth accumulation because people constitute the very essence of human development. more


Men selling antiques at the Thursday Open Market in Qatif (Photo by: Faisal Al-Malki)more

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  • This is a six-year (2011-2017) capacity building programme for the Ministry of Economy and Planning, aimed at supporting the recently published Ninth National Development Plan (NDP; 2010-14). The key objectives include supporting implementation and monitoring of the Ninth National Development Plan (NDP) (2010-14). While Saudi Arabia has witnessed significant progress on development indicators in recent years, a key focus for the Government and this project is on the need for sustainability of development results. more 

  • This project aims at enhancing participation of youth in national development processes through formulation and adoption of a national strategy for Saudi youth encompassing the varied socio-economic and recreational dimensions pertinent to all partners.more 

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