UNDP’s role in the UN’s Country Team in Saudi Arabia

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The UNDP Resident Representative, in Saudi Arabia, also serves as the Resident Coordinator of development activities for the United Nations system as a whole. Although only a handful of UN agencies physically exist on the ground in the country, UNDP seeks through coordination to ensure the most effective use of UN technical assistance to our counterparts in the government and other sectors. The agencies on the ground are: UNICEF, UNHCR, WHO, FAO, IOM and WB.

UNDP holds joint activities and/or programmes with them all and ensures other agencies provide assistance to counterparts through our own programmes. UNDP is jointly working with UNICEF on youth projects and HIV/AIDS related matters. Our work with the World Bank is mainly focused on Water issues. 

UNDP’s cooperation with ESCWA; UN Economic Commission for Western Asia, UNDESA; the UN Department on Economic and Social Affairs, UNEP; the UN Environment Programme, ICAO; The International Civil Aviation Organization, and IAEA; The International Atomic Energy Agency, is ongoing in terms of both facilitating their staff’s operational needs and bringing the various agencies’ expertise to the country.

UNDP collaborates with UNICEF on several projects, including the “Youth Development and Leadership Project”. It is initiated by the UNICEF Gulf Regional Office and UNDP Saudi Arabia Country Office, in partnership with youth national entities and in collaboration with international and regional leadership programmes. This project includes various activities aiming at strengthening the role of young Saudis in the national development process.

One of the main activities in the project is to deliver a five-day training that targets undergraduates and fresh graduates with high ambitions and willpower to become highly effective leaders, consists of three workshops and a youth dialogue platform for prominent and active youth to run discussions.

The project, which maintains a holistic approach towards self development, not only focuses on career development but also on directing youth towards a more comprehensive approach to growth. Thus, it will empower young Saudi males and females to become entrepreneurs and leaders in their field and acquire the necessary tools to become proactive people with the capabilities to revolutionize their role in the development of their country.


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