Support SFDA Second strategic plan implementation - SFDA 2

What is the project about


Saudi Food & Drugs Authority (SFDA) is the leading regional regulatory authority for food, drugs and medical devices with professional and excellent services that contributes to the protection and advancement of the health in Saudi Arabia.

In its continuing efforts to achieve its vision, SFDA recently developed its second strategic plan from 2012 to 2016, which focuses mainly on building broad and deep capabilities, ensure thoroughness, transparency, and consistency in enforcement and communication, and complete the coverage of all relevant areas.

UNDP and SFDA signed a long-term programme agreement to support both visions of KSA and the Authority in ensuring the safety and quality of food and drugs for the Saudi community. UNDP and SFDA are currently working on the second phase of the project, as the first phase was concluded in December 2012.

SFDA has approached the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to seek technical assistance and to jointly collaborate in achieving its strategic goals set out in SFDA second strategic plan, based upon UNDP’s comparative and competitive advantages in providing the required technical support.

In this context, the objective of this project is to provide substantive support through enabling SFDA to implement Food, Drugs and medical Devices strategic goals and initiatives laid out in their second strategic plan; as well as develop the required institutional capacity to discharge its mandate and ultimately meet the national development plan’s aspiration to achieve its vision.

This joint project will benefit the Authority in terms of institutional capacity development to provide support in building broad and deep capabilities, help SFDA to ensure thoroughness, transparency, and consistency in enforcement and communication, complete the coverage of all relevant areas as per SFDA’s mandate, and finally develop systems and processes to improve pro-activity in addressing emerging risk.

This nationally executed project aims at providing advisory services, specialized experts, and administrative support to SFDA. In the process, these activities will help in developing the authority’s policy, advocacy, and executing capacity in the areas of food, drugs and medical devices.


Project outcomes

  1. Capacity development of SFDA;
  2. Ensure thoroughness, transparency, and consistency in enforcement and communication;
  3. Complete the coverage of all relevant areas as per SFDA’s mandate;
  4. Develop systems and processes to improve pro-activity in addressing emerging risk

What have we accomplished so far?

One of the main achievement of the project was connecting the central laboratory with all Port laboratories, which accelerated the speed of the examinations. In addition, new procedures have been developed for some products such as herbal tea for babies. Also, ten inspectors have been trained on manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals. The SFDA lab has achieved 78% in regards to ISO accreditation. Finally, Track and Trace system has been established for monitoring of inventory.

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