Advisory Services to Saudi Communications Commission

What is the project about


The project intends to support the Government's telecommunications development programmes through advisory services, in the field of radio frequency spectrum engineering and management. It is primarily intended for institutional building and training. 


What have we accomplished so far


A Shuffle Plan was successfully prepared for moving frequency users from bands they presently occupy and which are incompatible with the National Frequency Plan (NFP) to other bands which are allocated to their respective categories in the NFP.

Frequencies for new technologies and services will be made available using methods such as re-farming of appropriate frequency bands and coordination with other remaining usages. The National Frequency Plan will be prepared to reflect new international allocations and regulations for consideration and approval by the appropriate authority. RF spectrum requirements for new wide-band mobile services will be accommodated in the National Frequency Plan. Accommodation of RF spectrum requirements for new entrants into service provision as a result of liberalization and privatization.

Improved methods to facilitate the coordination processes and reduce the response time for processing the large number of satellite systems. Timely application of relevant ITU Radio Regulations, Recommendations and Resolutions for evaluation of interference of NGOs with terrestrial and other satellite systems. The present computerized systems (software and hardware) will be updated to reflect the changes in the field of IT, including internet access. Computer software for the new EMI/EMC analysis will be incorporated in the present computerized systems. Also, adoption and implementation of a new spectrum pricing policy and procedure. 

The National Frequency Register will be revised to reflect the additional data from new services and entrants. There will be an on-going data validation to ensure data accuracy.  

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