Human Development

  • King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue in partnership with UNDP is developing indicators to help the Centre better formulate strategies to enhance national cohesion and social harmony focusing on youth.

  • This is a six-year (2011-2017) capacity building programme for the Ministry of Economy and Planning, aimed at supporting the Ninth National Development Plan (NDP 2010-14).

  • This project aims at enhancing participation of youth in national development processes through formulation and adoption of a national strategy for Saudi youth encompassing the varied socio-economic and recreational dimensions pertinent to all partners.

  • The project intends to support the Government's telecommunications development programmes through advisory services, in the field of radio frequency spectrum engineering and management. It is primarily intended for institutional building and training.

  • Umbrella Programme for the Saudi Commission for Tourism & National Heritage

    This Umbrella Programme is conceived with the overriding objective of designing a long-term framework for the technical cooperation between the Supreme Commission for Tourism of Saudi Arabia and the UN System in the context of the strategic national quest for economic diversification, including the increased contribution of promising services sectors such as tourism.

  • This nationally executed project aims at providing advisory services, specialized experts, and administrative support to SFDA. In the process, these activities will help in developing the authority’s policy, advocacy, and executing capacity in the areas of food, drugs and medical devices.

  • Capacity Development of Princess Al Anood Center for Youth Development (Warif)

    The project represents a unique partnership between an NGO (Warif) and UNDP with the objective of increasing youth participation in the national development processes.

  • Youth Exchange Programme for Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    This project aims at benefiting from Ministry of Foreign Affairs' accomplishments in the diplomatic filed and achieving the KSA's vision concerning strengthening the dialogue culture in various areas among nations.

  • Socio-Economically Effective Human Development (HD) Planning

    This project intends to develop indicators of achievement for the objectives and policies of the governmental operational plans that are quantitative and measurable, intended for 75 different State actors; and to provide a support system for plan preparation and follow-up on plan implementation through the data generated from these indicators.

  • Sustainable Road and Transport Management

    The Ministry of Transport as policy leading agency for the transport sector is responsible for reporting and periodical review of the National Transportation Strategy (NTS), which has been developed with the assistance of UN agencies. Within this national strategy MOT is aiming at developing sustainable transport systems and improving road safety.

  • King Salman Youth Center (KSYC), a well-established non-governmental organization, is aiming to provide a number of well-targeted thematic data and indicators in specific areas towards the achievement of the development transformation of the Kingdom and the full realization of youth potential.

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