Evaluation of the status of Sustainability in Madinat Yanbu AL Sinaiyah (MYAS)

What is the project about

evaluationofMYASMadinat Yanbu Al Sinaiyah (Photo: Courtesy of MYAS)

This Initiation Plan is intended to assist the Royal Commission at Yanbu (RCY) in the evaluation of its continued efforts towards sustainability in Madinat Yanbu AL Sinaiyah. The plan provides all suggestions for improvements where needed, with the end purpose of ensuring that Yanbu is recognized as a leader and trend setter in sustainability and as well as a pioneer in applying Best Environmental Practices , This plan is a challenging task since the Royal commission hosts about 100 heavy/light industries.

Project outcomes

The objective of this Initiative is to provide an international consultant in the field of environmental sustainability for a period of three weeks (15 working days). The objective of such a mission will be to:

  • Provide a desk review (report) of Best Practices in sustainability of international scope.
  • Assess current sustainability practices in MYAS
  • Assist the Royal Commission at Yanbu to identify promising areas for improvement with time bound targets.
  • Present initial findings to the Royal Commission at Yanbu
  • Produce a detailed report that shows the findings, requirements and suggestions on how to apply for awards on best practices.
  • Prepare Term of Reference (TORs) for team to carry on Carbon footprint calculations and advise on organization to address.
  • Review and comments on RC Energy Efficiency Policy (MYAS)
  • Review and comments on minimum Energy Efficiency standards for existing and new facilities at Yanbu.

What have we accomplished so far?

An international expert studied desk review based on the documentations received from MYAS and will be carrying on his first field visit. 

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