Operational Excellence in Jubail and Yanbu Industrial Cities

What is the project about

Jubail_and_Yanbu_projectCanal Park in Jubail Industrial City (Photo: Courtesy of RCJY)

This Initiation Plan is intended to assist the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (RCJY) in the development of a full-fledged Project Document that will encompass main activities and outcomes for a joint development programme between RCJY and UNDP aiming at ensuring industrial cities under RCJY mandate to become cities of excellence, reaching the status of Best Industrial Cities globally in order to achieve sustainable development, provide a good life for its residents and apply best operational modalities.

Project outcomes

This Initiative will provide international consultants in the field of operational excellence in the form of 2 missions for the duration of 29 man/days for both missions within a 3-months timeframe.

The objective of such missions will be to assess the situation and present it to the Board, help the commission in identifying promising areas for the development of a joint programme, and produce a detailed and fully budgeted project document that would be used as the basis of the work the commission together with UNDP can do in order to ensure operational modalities at all RCJY industrial cities reach the utmost levels of excellence.

In the process, these activities will help in developing the Commission’s policy, advocacy, and executing capacity in the areas of operation excellence.

What have we accomplished so far

This project started recently, achievemnts are yet to be made but recruitment of an International expert to conduct the primary assessment and develop full fledge Project Document is underway.

Who Finances it?

Donor  Budget
100% Government Cost Sharing  $ 52, 500                                   

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