Technical Support to Municipal Elections in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

What is the project about


This project aims at providing technical and advisory support to the Government of Saudi Arabia in conducting its municipal elections, as well as supporting the post-elections phase. UNDP plans to focus on three fundamental steps to achieve the above-mentioned goal:

Supporting the spread of civic education among voters, providing electoral advisory services and affording post-election support in terms of civic education for a new vision and a national strategy towards municipal management.

The technical and advisory assistance initially provided by UNDP to the Government in organizing the elections focused on the delivery of a comprehensive voter education programme in order to favor a tangible level of citizen participation in the electoral process. Moreover, electoral advisory services were provided to enhance the administration and management of the electoral process and reflect recognized international electoral standards. The outputs related to the elections support have been fully appreciated by MOMRA.

The current phase of the project is oriented at supporting the evaluation process of the results of the Municipal elections, in order to draw lessons for the succeeding round. The main strategy is to set a work plan for workshops to be conducted on best practices, produce a report on workshops and conduct two study tours to countries of best practices.

Ultimately, the project embraces the long-term objective of supporting policy makers in conducting the municipal sector.

What have we accomplished so far?


The project achieved a well developed framework for the municipal electoral process, and was set and approved by MoMRA and conducted by expert mission. Also, the expert mission evaluated the electoral process in association with a specialized national institute.

Additionally, a voter education programme was delivered by the election committee, and gaps in voter education were identified and approached within the election system. Electoral advisory services were provided to MoMRA in line with the schedule of the municipal elections.

Project document outputs and activities revised to focus on the post-election phase, mainly on building the capacities of municipal officials Training Programme of municipal mayors has bee reviewed in association with ENA in Morocco for improvement Field visits to regional municipalities conducted for MoMRA officials to exchange best practices.


Delivery in previous fiscal year

Donor name Amount contributed per year
Goverment $150.195

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