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 imporve_maternal_healthImproving maternal health (Poster by: Maram Taibah)

Reproductive health services constitute a basic pillar of the health policy in the Kingdom. The comprehensive maternal care program aims at providing integrated healthcare services to mothers, covering the periods before, during and after pregnancy. Quantitative and qualitative development of health services has led to improvement of maternal healthcare indicators. The proportion of pregnants provided with healthcare by health professionals increased from 90% in 2000 to 98% in 2010.

Vaccination of mothers against neonatal tetanus rose, during the same period, from 93% to 96.1% and the proportion of births attended by health professionals increased from 88% to 97%. Maternal mortality per 100,000 live births declined from 48 to 14 over the same period.

The Ninth Development Plan adopted a number of objectives to improve maternal health. These objectives include, inter-alia, the following: continuing to enhance health care programs and provide high-quality health care to the pregnants during and after the period of pregnancy, achieving universal access to reproductive health care, ensuring that all births are attended by health professional, immunizing all mothers against neonatal tetanus, and promoting health awareness programs. In light of these directions of the Ninth Plan and the health programs under way, the MDG5 is expected to be achieved ahead of the target year.

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