Eight Goals for 2015

UNDP’s Leadership on the MDGs in Saudi Arabia

MDGs in Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia's Development Plans constitute the cornerstone of the endeavours to achieve the MDGs (Photo by: Mohammed Al-Deghaishim)

Adoption of the first UN report on human development in 1990 triggered a series of international summits and conferences on various human development issues. Goals were set and partners in development, both domestic and international, were urged to work cooperatively to achieve them.

The process culminated with the adoption of "The Millennium Declaration" at the millennium summit held by the United Nations (UN) in September 2000 to address issues of peace, security and development. The Declaration was signed by all 189 members of the UN, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Eight MDGs, supplemented by 18 targets and 48 indicators designed to measure progress, constitute a blueprint for development. Every five years, the UN Secretary General submits to the UN General Assembly a report on progress towards achieving the MDGs internationally and regionally.

Saudi Arabia's Development Plans constitute the cornerstone of the endeavours to achieve the MDGs. Not only do these plans aim, through clarity of strategic vision and mobilization of human and financial resources, to consolidate work at the above mentioned 11 levels, but also through ensuring harmony and partnership between national and global efforts aimed at supporting international development and peace. 

Follow up of implementation of the MDGs in the Kingdom demonstrate that the targets set for a number of goals have already been surpassed, while others are expected to be reached well ahead of schedule, as can be seen from current growth indicators. Indeed, a wide range of targets have already been reached or are well on their way towards achievement before 2015. It is worth noting in this regard that the Kingdom has already achieved good results towards attainment of several goals.

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