UNDP offers a broad range of work opportunities.Posts in the organization are mainly filled by people in occupations linked to the organization's main activities – economic, social science, public administration.

There are also opportunities for employment in other occupational fields such as administration, finance, and human resources.

Expertise, a professional attitude, the ability to work in an international organization and a highly multicultural environment, multilingualism, team spirit and openness to dialogue are the values shared by all the professions within UNDP.

If you would like to work at the UNDP, there are various possibilities:

In a Professional Post
You will be part of UNDP’s lead team in the field, the expertise and coordination necessary for the planning and execution of the organization's various programmes and projects.

In a General Service Post
You will be carrying out technical or administrative tasks within the various UNDP services in the field.

As a Temporary Assistant
UNDP occasionally hires temporary staff in various fields.

As an Intern
If you are a student holding a first university degree, a researcher or a national civil servant, you can do an internship of one to three months at UNDP Headquarters or in a UNDP field office.

If you are interested in doing an Internship with UNDP Saudi Arabia, please fill in the document "Internship Application" that is available on the rigt rail of this page, and send it to

Hiring Process

These are the guidelines for the recruitment and hiring at United Nations Development Programme Saudi Arabia:


  • Management either opens a post, or creates a vacant post, depending on the needs of United Nations Development Programme.
  • For an available post, an internal vacancy announcement is run for two weeks to all United Nations agencies.
  • In the event that there are no qualified internal applicants, an external vacancy announcement is run. This external announcement contains the key points of the job description.
  • The external vacancy announcement is sent to two newspapers, one published locally, while the other is published Kingdom wide.
  • Deadline for submission of applications is two weeks from date of publishing announcement.
  • 1st Phase: Applications are received, and qualified applicants are short listed.
  • 2nd Phase: Set a date for United Nations test.
  • 3rd Phase:  According to the best results, applicants are short listed.
  • 1st interview dates and times are set, and interview process begins.
  • According to panel recommendations, Resident Representative either approves or disapproves and thus begins the hiring process.


Working with UNDP

If you would like to help UNDP achieve its aims, the first step is to see what opportunities are available for career development by consulting the section above, Overview of Work Opportunities at UNDP.

Once you have chosen the type of post at UNDP in which you are interested, you can access further information to determine if you have the right employment profile, to find out how to apply, and to learn about the recruitment process and the corresponding post status. Such information will be posted as vacancies arise

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